Understanding Dog Shedding in Dubai and the UAE

Understanding Dog Shedding in Dubai and the UAE

Dog shedding, a natural phenomenon, occurs twice a year, typically in spring and autumn. During this process, dogs loose old fur to make way for a new coat suited for the upcoming season, with the spring shedding being particularly heavy as the dog sheds its thick winter coat. But what exactly triggers shedding, and how can pet owners manage this phase effectively? Let's delve into the details together.

How Shedding Occurs in Dogs

It's important to note that shedding primarily affects dogs with fur and undercoats, rather than all breeds. In autumn, as temperatures begin to drop, many dog breeds experience shedding, with the spring shedding being particularly heavy as the dog sheds its thick winter coat. This shedding mainly targets the undercoat, a shorter and woollier layer that acts as insulation against the cold. Breeds like poodles, Yorkshire terriers, and Maltese, lacking undercoats, may not undergo shedding.

Factors Triggering Shedding

Contrary to common belief, shedding isn't solely influenced by temperature changes. Rather, it's also impacted by variations in daylight hours. In regions like Dubai and the UAE, where indoor environments are often regulated by air conditioning, dogs may shed almost continuously due to the stark contrast between indoor and outdoor temperatures throughout the year.

Shedding of the dog in autumn: it's different for dogs that live indoors.

Dealing with Shedding: Tips and Considerations

Shedding, while natural, can pose challenges for dogs and their owners. Tangled fur and skin irritation are common issues during this phase. To mitigate these problems, regular grooming is essential. While seeking professional grooming assistance is recommended for particularly challenging cases, dog owners should also incorporate daily brushing into their routine. Brushing not only aids in shedding but also prevents knot formation and ensures proper skin oxygenation.


Shedding of the dog: your dog will scratch much more while shedding.


It's crucial to avoid shaving your dog's coat too closely. While fur provides important protection against external elements like the sun and acts as insulation, shaving the dog "down to the skin" should be avoided. This is because dogs don't sweat like humans; instead, they dissipate heat through their mouth, ears, and paws. Shaving them exposes them even more to direct sunlight and heatstroke.

Choosing the right grooming products is crucial for maintaining your pet's hygiene during shedding. Opt for high-quality shampoos and conditioners, such as Yuup!'s Puppy and Sensitive Skin Shampoo, Long Coat Shampoo, Detangling Conditioner, and Glossing and Detangling Spray, Pink Velvet, to nourish and protect your dog's skin and fur.

Shedding of the dog: pay attention to you dog's diet.

In addition to grooming, dietary adjustments can support your dog's overall health during shedding. Incorporating omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids, and proteins into your dog's diet can promote healthy fur and skin growth, strengthening their immune system.

For personalized dietary recommendations, consult a trusted veterinarian who can assess your dog's specific needs based on factors like breed, age, and health status.

By understanding the shedding process and implementing appropriate grooming and dietary practices, pet owners in Dubai and the UAE can ensure their furry companions remain healthy and comfortable throughout the year.

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