Italian excellence since 2011

We believe in the strict principles of scientific research in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dermatological fields to formulate and design the best and highest quality shampoos and treatments for dogs and cats respecting their health and those of humans.

Our love and loyalty to our pets are the foundation and drivers to our persistence, precision and reliability, from the careful research and accurate selection of raw materials to the strict controls of production and packaging in the specialized departments.

Yuup! was born as a cosmetics and care brand for dogs and cats in 2011 in our laboratories of the Italian company Cosmetica Veneta, right in the heart of Northern Italy, in the city of Vicenza. The focus on quality and production of highly performing products has allowed Yuup! to be distributed in over 47 countries, used by master groomers and pet owners who hold their paw friends dear.

Now, we are bringing Yuup! Quality and Italian Style for dogs and cats to Dubai and the Middle East - 100% Made in Italy for pet lovers by pet lovers

A green-oriented philosophy

The mission of Yuup! is to create cosmetics in harmony with the skin physiology, so crafted and dermo-affine that they can be used by humans.

For us it was essential to create formulas that respect the epidermis and the hydrolipidic film of the animal, ensuring at the same hand care, hydration and health of those who use them, wash after wash.

That is why we decided to stick to the same rules in force for human cosmetics. All Yuup! products are therefore in the name of a green-oriented philosophy - we research and select natural and eco-friendly, high-performing ingredients which guarantee high safety and professional results while staying true to our principles.

  • Natural Ingredients

    All Yuup! products are based on natural ingredients, extracts and oils.

  • Paraben Free

    The toxicity and effects of prolonged use of products with parabens have been studied for years. Our products are free of them to safeguard the health of our pet friends.

  • Phthalate Free

    The ingredients and packaging used are free from phthalates which are dangerous elements for our health and that of our pets.

  • Petrochemical Derivates Free

    As reported in the INCI ingredients list of our products, we do not use any petrochemical derived products, but only ingredients of natural origin.

  • SLS and SLES Free

    In all our shampoos we only use surfactants of vegetable origin, absolutely free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate).

  • No Animal Testing

    For us animals have the same importance as a human being, that's the reason why our products are for them and not tested on them.